October Clan RoundTable Meeting

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    I've gone through the audio recording and summed up the points of discussion into text below, thanks to everybody who attended:

    • Impartial starts off the meeting by outlining the idea behind the meeting, which is for the community to air any problems or suggestions and founders can detail any points they need to bring up or discuss.

    • Admins and Super Admins are needed - most people agreed they are getting bored of Squad until V10 comes out. Impartial reminds everyone that anybody can ask for Admin - they simply need to reply to a thread and watch Pigeon's video on Battlemetrics. Battlemetrics is used to log things incase of disputes. This keeps our license in good standing. Admin request thread: https://forum.tlrgaming.com/topic/33/everything-you-need-to-know-about-being-a-squad-admin/

    • Recruitment brought up due to backlog of applications and as such we have less admins, Impartial answers on behalf of Creatrix to let people know we are changing the recruitment process to make it much easier to join. Impartial asks for more recruiters, stating they'll only have to check for applications, check they don't have VAC bans and then invite them to join us and once a week check if they are integrating with the clan nicely. If interested in becoming a recruiter message @CreatrixVaratio.

    • SirGravzy brings up if a thread with Super Admin contact information would be a good idea, another member says an In-Game Admin channel would be a good idea and allow Super Admins to be taggable on Discord if they are needed.

    • When to kick players or enforce our rules is brought up, end result of the conversation is to use your common sense on when "trolling" starts to negatively affect the server, TLR trusts its admins to use their judgement when enforcing our rules - most communities have a slight variance between admins for what they deem OK or not OK. Rule of thumb is to warn a couple of times and then kick if they carry on, banning being a last resort, we don't expect anybody to kick up a fuss if they are only kicked and if they do we'd trust the admins judgement. Sam reminds people they can use the notes section on BattleMetrics or the troublesome player report to report players they've had to watch or warn.

    • SirGravzy brings up multi-gaming aspect of the clan, appeals for game idea's that we could try servers on - Impartial reminds people the founders don't have to lead every section, if a member likes a game and plays often with other members they can ask to be the head of a game section, they will be responsible to ensure the game is played often and we can recruit through it. If enough interest is shown in the game TLR will be happy to throw up a TLR server to trial how the game goes and if successful we can keep the server running.

    • Creatrix brings up the difference between being a section leader and simply running events for a game, anybody can speak to the Event Staff to organise an event for a game for whatever reason, a section leader would be responsible for recruitment and the rules with founders guidance if needed.

    • EmuWest says it might be best for Creatrix to update on recruitment as Creatrix joined after the first recruitment discussion. Creatrix says he's working through the backlog of applications with the new recruitment system (as of today's date the backlog is gone and all people have been contacted) - Creatrix notes he will be telling the recruiters the new process soon so they can begin to help. Creatrix asks members to keep an eye on new members to ensure they are sticking to our rules since we have a lower bar for entry. Creatrix asks for feedback on the new process, nobody says a word. All is considered good and worth a try.

    • xCausxn tries to make jokes but fails.

    • MorrisX brings up that for an example of holding events without being a section leader, Halberdude hosts 2 DnD events a week to allow people to play and makes 2 nights a week fun for at-least 10+ members. People thank Halberdude for DnD and agree its fun.

    • Creatrix makes a point of saying games don't have to be ones's we are used to or one's TLR can host for, such as DnD.

    • Sam asks what's our server hardware like? SirGravzy says it depends on the kind of game, we have a top of the line 5GHz server with plenty of RAM, it hosts the Squad Server and Training server, it could likely host a non-demanding game such as GMod for party events or drunk nights but we'd need another server if we wanted to host more demanding games such as Insurgency or Battlefield for example, however if a game is proven to be a good tool for us to branch out to and has regular players we are more than happy to buy more hardware to allow TLR to have its own server on that game.

    • Impartial says we are happy to host a popular game of that month but to keep it going we need to see longevity where we have admins for it, people seeding the server to keep us in the serverlist etc.

    • Sam asks what everyone thinks of having an ARMA server, end discussion is that we don't think we could have the numbers to have a 24/7 server, Creatrix brings up that the WS Clan host ARMA events often, if members want to play they can join WS's events and if we see that enough of us are regularly joining we could look to have our own events. TLR is happy to reach out to WS to try and get a bi-weekly event going with them to allow TLR and WS to play missions together etc. xCausxn brings up that he knows some mission builders he could contact if we can prove ARMA is played often.

    • Attacking Main Bases on Squad is brought up, a discussion is had where the end result is Impartial says that if it's allowed in a match it's normally allowed in our server, however if it's starting to make people not want to play or killing the server, admins are free to step in and request that the enemy team let the camped team try and fight back abit. To keep it fair for new players and to keep people wanting to play on our server. This will be at admins discretion for how far teams should stay away from main base, whatever is needed to keep the server enjoyably. Reminder to broadcast and warn, don't kick and ban them as it's deemed too far since games last roughly an hour anyway and the objective is to win. To allow admins to fallback to a rule it has been mentioned in our rules on the forum.

    • Sam would prefer for the server messages to be updated, such as the seeding rules. This will be adjusted to include new rules and seeding rules brought up, a few numbers are brought up for when to go live but most agree that at 15 vs 15 or just after the server starts rapidly filling and this is when seeding rules should be removed and the server goes live. Again most seeding rules are at admins discretion based on the map - vague rules are that at roughly 30+ players the server goes live and vehicles can't be used for assault, only transport. FOB's and HAB's cannot be attacked but they must be built away from the cap so the cap can be taken by either team without the FOB being at risk.

    • Skippy brings up Heroes & Generals as a TLR Game and needs opinions and thoughts in this thread: https://forum.tlrgaming.com/topic/108/heroes-and-generals

    • xCausxn reminds people that these meetings aren't the only time you can bring things up, anybody is welcome to create a thread here to discuss things: https://forum.tlrgaming.com/category/16/suggestions-and-feedback

    • Impartial reminds that carrying the admin role means people should listen to any reasonable request, it doesn't HAVE to be written down if the admin deems that it's causing too much of a negative impact on the server. Admins and members all want to see our server be popular and can do whats needed to keep it that way. We are all adults who are capable of reading a situation.

    • Weekly events brought up, wanting to have some to allow the community to have fun together, drinking nights have been brought up or Gmod fun. Events Team request for people to approach them regarding events so they can discuss it and get it in our events calendar and announced. https://forum.tlrgaming.com/calendar

    • Impartial brings up that if you sign up for an event you should try your best to turn up to it or give good notice ( a day or more) as it's unfair on your fellow clan-mates to try and make up the numbers unexpectedly. Of-course sometimes you can't let people know or something goes comes up out the blue but overall people should try their best to turn up. If it happens multiple times the event runner might blacklist you from their events.

    • Social Media brought up, Impartial lets people know its all almost ready to go, just waiting for some graphics and time to set everything up and maintain it. People ask who leader of graphics is and it's pointed out that it's Pigeon. Pigeon then tries to talk (lost his voice) and tells people to not be afraid to tell the graphics team that you don't like something they produce for you if it's not your style, on the flip side you do have to be clear on what you want, the styles, colours etc. Graphics team will not be offended if you don't like what they propose for you, not every style is going to be the one you want.

    • Streaming is discussed, general rule of thumb is anybody is welcome to stream on behalf of us and we're mostly waiting for V10 to stream to an official TLR stream.

    • Another reminder that TLR does need people to do various roles, events team, recruiters, graphics and admins etc - founders try their best to do things but we all are working and have personal lives as such some things take longer than others to get setup, we are a new clan so trying various methods for recruiting etc, some methods work and others need adjusting. When we find what members are good at we can use their strengths to help us, web development for example.

    • Discussion is had on when the clan starts looking to remove members, people agree that any repeat rule breaking should get you warned and then removed, Impartial mentions how he doesn't want to be too harsh and create the very situation that created TLR. Members agree the founders need to make the final decision but members can speak to founders privately to discuss concerns with members or situations that occur. The idea of an anonymous posting area was discussed so people can post concerns without being identified however the counter point was brought up that its hard to fix a problem if founders don't know what caused it and at the end of the day each case will be slightly different. Members trust founders to use their best judgement.

    • A suggestion is made for founders to vote on removing members, if a majority vote for a members removal then the member is removed, founders point out this is how we've done things for most TLR decisions anyway, founders have their speciality area's to look after but anything regarding policy as a whole goes to a vote.

    • IcemanZ suggests for people to message founders with concerns and the the founder can screenshot it and provide it to the other founders to discuss, this is agreed as probably the best way so founders can follow up on a concern and all discuss the concern and action it if needed.

    • Whesto brings up how hard it is to seed on bigger maps, xCausxn mentions something he is working on to look at the player count at the end of a game and swap the map to a smaller infantry map if it's below a certain player count, once the player count increases and the match ends it will than look at the map rotation and keep the rotation going, this could also allow members to swap the map without breaking the map rotation, xCausxn reminds people this will take time to research and develop.

    • The server kicking everybody is brought up, we explain we have a 5GHz server, setup to OWI's recommendations and it still kicks people so it's 100% not TLR's fault as we've adjusted our map rotation as well. We explain we have contacted the devs about this but not heard much back, they are likely busy with V10 and server problems are not their priority.

    • TLR Merchandise is brought up, do we want T-Shirts and Hoodies? Jokes are made about wearing a "MeatyBoys" T-Shirt to a club. Serious notes are that it would be cool to have for Hoodies and other things, Pigeon is able to engrave the logo onto objects too.

    • Reminder about donations, our server costs over £120 a month and most of this is from the founders pockets, reminder given that a date will soon be given for when £5 gives you a 1 month reserve slot instead of 3 months, this is so we have a more stable monthly donation amount instead of 1 month of donations and then 2 months of very little donations.

    • The meeting formally ends and everybody somehow starts talking about dicks, this then turns into a reminder that we have a TLR Snapchat group, Impartial or SirGravzy can add members to it, it's mostly people at work or proving they have a social life.

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    Thanks for the log, it's very helpful for keeping up with news and the happenings.

    Server performance:

    • I would recommend trying to disable hyper-threading
    • I would recommend disabling core parking
    • If the performance is still not adequate, I would try setting the server to high-performance power profile on Windows (so max core speed all the time). It's in a climate controlled room anyway, and it's OVH's so who cares if it eats +10W in an hour. And yeah I realize it's more of a meme, I am the biggest advocate of using the "balanced" power profile, but who knows, maybe the UE engine can still cause hiccups.

    Private slots: Would it be possible to have a thread or Discord pinned message who has slots for how long? (I actually just want to check mine later on, but yeah, I realize a bot for that would be an overkill.)

    Donations / slots: Maybe you could turn this donation thing into a "point based system" where we would buy points, the website could track it (maybe forum has some plugin for this?) and then they could decay. At this point they decay 5 by each 3 month, then this would be 5 by 1 month. Not sure how one could handle multiple servers, like a private slot would be 5 points on one game? (So the clan could buy a Kimsufi/SoYouStart machine for Insurgency for example.)

    Insurgency server: I had 5 full Insurgency servers up on 100TR but they did not eat that much. IIRC it was around ~40% of my old i7 machine that I rented from Hetzner. Though I don't doubt your word, and I also saw huge lag spikes recently on the German community hosted servers, so maybe something changed since then. You could also just utilize Windows's scheduler and set the Squad server to highest priority. Like I would put the following ( https://superuser.com/questions/620724/changing-windows-process-priority-via-command-line ) into a batch file, and then put it into the Task Scheduler and run it every 5 minutes. (Just in case the server gets restarted/killed and it would re-adjust priority.) wmic also has flow control, so if someone is really bored, that could be also utilized. Though I think setting priority has 0 effect on said process. Causes no delay or anything.

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    @john Our sever is a Linux box, we've tried everything we can think of in terms of performance. Same for why its hard to run INS and Squad at the same time, Squad is a power horse when it comes to CPU.

    As for the slots and the donations, i'll take it to the founders to talk about :) Good idea's.

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    @sirgravzy Alright. Someone told me on Discord since that there is a Linux binary available. Last I had my machines Insurgency's wiki only had a Windows binary. Maybe things changed or I completely missed it, oh well.

    The hyper-threading is OS agnostic, just go into BIOS and turn it off. When it comes to game servers it effectively halves the performance of each core. (Okay that's really watered down but the basic idea is the same.) They do come handy if you host a web server with millions of visitors because then the extra threads actually help out. At OVH you can use the KVM-over-IP to access the bios and set things. IIRC OVH can also do it for free on request.

    Power profile: Yeah this one is more of a snake oil, but you can use "cpufreq-selector" on Linux to set your power profile (i.e.: to performance).

    Ps.: I reckon you might already know all these and I don't want to sound like a jerk, I just walked down the same path when I had to host servers, so it's more just my experience with these things. Like how Hyper-Threading caused me so many headaches.

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    @john Me and @xCausxn are both working in IT so yeah we know most of these but always happy to hear suggestions :)

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    Oh lol, yeah I guessed you did not start today, sorry. It's a bad habit.

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