The Problem of teamkillers and TLR sanctioned killing.

  • The Meaty Boys

    Server rules would dictate otherwise Mister Skippy, hence I proposed the question.

    I have been told by others that team killing is never accepted, you have to call an admin.

    Ps I just applied an hour ago

  • Global Moderator

    this is just common sense. we do not sanction team killing, including players team killing each other. cause 90% of the time we have no idea whats going on and just see the teamkills show up on the log, so it just doesnt help us get a clear view of whats going on if players start killing each other.
    what you do, as a reasonable admin with 2 cents of logic. is kicking the obvious troll and telling the player to refrain from teamkilling but report it to admin to be taken care of.

  • The Meaty Boys

    @halberdude In this incident I will add that the person teamkilling swiftly disconnected having been killed. Had the other random player not killed him it is likely he would have kept shooting more people in main before an admin ( if there were even any on at the time) could react.

    Its a catch 22 situation in many ways

  • Global Moderator

    its not a catch 22. he killed him. cool, just tell him to and refrain from teamkilling as it is, go to battle metrics and write a note to the guys he initially caused the trouble. i really dont see whats the issue.

  • The Meaty Boys

    If all deliberate team killing should result in a kick, by not kicking the guy who team killed the team killer ( this is going to become a tongue twister) youre effectively sanctioning the act.

    Had the situation of been changed to myself jumping out and killing the guy would I be in the wrong ?

  • The Meaty Boys

    Seems quite simple

  • TLR Members

    To be honest the killing of the killer caused just more confusion and delay. (this time) Like if it's a simple tk, I don't think there should be an all out Western-style shootout. Like I also tried to find who shot who, who is shooting now, who is at fault, etc. This whole ordeal caused our team to stall for a solid 5 minutes and we also lost the game easily after.

    I am all for killing him if he goes on a spree. But if it's a simple kill, and they say sorry (and mean it, there is no argument), imo it's all good. Bottom line: I would have kicked the dude who killed the teamkiller. But it's hard to see Kaspar's point if you were not on the server. See the top of my post, it caused the team to lose the match.

    But yeah Kaspar, I was on the server with you. There was tons of teamkilling even afterwards. People asked for admin as well but yeah, neither of us could do a thing (and there is nothing wrong with that, I don't believe any server has 24-7 admin presence.) tl;dr: today's players were especially toxic.

  • Administrator

    Team killing the teamkiller may end that incident fast, but then it triggers another incident, all the time making it harder to see who is to blame as all the admins get are a list of teamkills.

  • Administrator

    Is this serious? I honestly thought this was a joke...

  • The Meaty Boys

    Yeah the actual point i was trying to raise was serious,

    the essay setting the scene was a bit of a joke.

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