What do you think about inactivity in general?

  • Events Staff

    Day after day, we're recruiting more and more people into the clan tho the number of inactive people is rising .
    I don't have a problem with people being absent for more than a week,that's not the kind of inactivity i'm speaking about.
    For example you have 8 guys on the TLR server who are active and playing at that time but only 3 on discord . One of the biggest problems is seeding where TLR admins are arguing over the rules in general chat (most of us don't use the ChatToAdmin command) instead of consulting on discord.
    I also noticed that a couple of TLR members are playing on a different server even if ours is seeded (which is not a problem at all) but they never played or spoke to us in discord.
    This topic can be sensitive because we're speaking about the freedom of TLR members and most of the replies will be as follows : "No rules have to be enforced on the members" ....
    It's sometimes unbearable for me,and let's put Squad or any game aside, some people are just part of the clan and online every single day. I'm on discord at least 10 hours a day and there are some guys that I have never seen or spoken with.
    You're gonna say that this is a useless topic because these people did no harm or whatsoever to us but why are they even part of the clan if they're not interacting like normal human beings ?

  • TLR Members

    Personally, I try to be in discord while playing online in games that are played by others in the clan.
    I do understand that some members that are non-WEU, and those with the ping issue, want to play other servers.


  • TLR Members

    not been here long but i second this.

  • When playing squad I try to be on discord, however sometimes that Squad channel gets very crowded and just doesnt help me keeping my focus. Several times in the past I found myself switching for the quiet channel. When it comes down to seeding, or having questions, I really think being on discord helps. Just as a quick check between the two teams to coordinate things.

  • TLR Members

    As you mentioned, this can be a sensitive topic, we want to avoid becoming like some of those militant clans we know.

    Personally I think it helps to break it down to the fundamentals; rules and requirements are put in place to support the work towards some desired outcome. As a multi-gaming clan it makes sense for TLR to be open, inclusive and accommodating, but it's pretty obvious that the requirements for a competitive team would be different. A pro team may want to be exclusive, but any competitive team interested in winning would want to be at least selective.

    What I suggest is that any competitive team in TLR should be a separate entity, and that joining that competitive team has it's own barriers to entry in the form of requirements and rules (ie be on discord when playing, perhaps even their own discord voice channel if the standard is disruptive eg Squad serious channel).

    This way the rules and regulations promote the goals of each separate group of people without causing conflict by forcing expectations on people who do not share the same aspirations and goals.

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